A DARTS-loving dad could be one of the oldest players in the UK.

Terry O’Brien joined the Colchester Dart League in 1948.

The dad, who will be 90 in June, has played for a long list of teams including The Six Bells, The Cambridge Arms, The Grenadier, The Royal Mortar, The Bell, The Highways Club, The Railway Club, and The Goat & Boot.

He currently plays for the New Town Taverners.

This year not only marks his 90th birthday, but also 70 years of playing in the Colchester league.

Terry, who was a soldier in the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders for eight years, said: “I only used to play a little bit, just messing around.

“My father-in-law asked me to go to the pub with him for a drink and they were having a match. He asked me if I could play, so I had a go and beat them all.”

He took some time out when he was called to Hong Kong, Korea and Japan with his comrades in 1949. He returned in 1952 and married wife Ivy, who he was married to for 30 years.

Terry, from Colchester, has been mentioned in the papers for his famous 180 scores. He said: “I have played for most teams in the town. I play three nights a week, but as it’s the summer league I can only plan on a Wednesday.”

He has gone from working as a doorman for a darts club in Chelmsford, to playing Phil Taylor, 16-time world champion - he lost the game but said it was a memorable match.

Terry added: “The best match I played was when I scored 501 in 10 darts. In them days it was a great achievement.”

His daughter, Lisa Rayner, said she was extremely proud of her dad.

She said: “The one thing I find really sweet is dad used to pick up all the players in his van and would drive them to matches. But now he can’t drive so they come and pick him up.

“He is really well known in the darts circuit, people come up and shake his hand. He’s my hero.”

Terry said the reason why he carries on playing is his competitive streak. He said: “I just want to win, we all want to win. I like being with the lads, it’s good companionship.”