FINANCIAL and business advisers Grant Thornton has restructured its special projects team in Chelmsford as the firm continues to enhance its expert offering for local businesses.

Giles Mullins, partner at Grant Thornton, heads up the expanding team which pools knowledge and expertise from across the region to provide bespoke accounting and project management services, on demand, to ambitious, fast-growing businesses.

From managing rapid change such as a one-off transactional project, to reviewing and improving systems, controls and reporting or bridging a temporary recruitment gap, the team can offer the support of a highly-skilled professional at short notice on either a temporary or longer-term basis.

As well as benefiting larger firms, the service can also prove highly valuable for smaller, entrepreneurial business who may not yet have the resources to employ a permanent finance specialist but still need professional guidance as they navigate the early stages of growth.

Giles said: “Businesses are operating in a fast-moving market where things can change very quickly. While this creates new and exciting opportunities for dynamic firms, it can also present challenges.

“In particular, businesses experiencing rapid growth often face difficulties in recruiting the right people with the right skills at short notice, especially given the ongoing talent shortage which makes quality, experienced individuals, particularly in finance, hard to find. Employing someone for an important but one-off project, may also not be financially viable.

“Our special projects team is able to step in and add real value to businesses when they need an additional pair of expert hands to help achieve their goals.

“Our extensive industry experience and wide local knowledge means we are well placed to support firms across Essex to overcome the changes and challenges they face.”

Grant Thornton’s announcement comes at a time when businesses face continued uncertainty over Britain’s future relationship with the EU and what the post-Brexit landscape will look like. Giles added: “The Essex economy is built on strong foundations and with proven resilience, local businesses have every reason to be optimistic for the future.

“However, the final Brexit deal, in particular our access to the single market and customs union, will likely have an impact on how businesses manage their imports and exports, tax, auditing and financial reporting going forward. This could put additional strain on finance teams as they seek to adapt to the changes.

“Robust financial support will be key to firms operating and thriving in the new post-Brexit environment. Every business has different needs and a flexible, collaborative approach, drawing on all the resources available, is vital in helping businesses across the region continue to prosper.”