A police inspector has been allowed to keep his job after admitting to gross misconduct.

Essex Police Insp Andrew Parkman, 52, has been allowed to maintain his position after he appeared a hearing at the Civic Centre in Duke Street, Chelmsford.

The BBC reported that a hearing was held after he admitted to assaulting David Morris in June 2016.

A row broke out between the two men over refuse, including reportedly a McDonald's coffee cup and building materials, that had fallen onto Parkman's driveway in The Fairways, Cold Norton.

The "heated altercation" lasted just four minutes.

Parkman was convicted for the offence at Ipswich Magistrates Court in May 2017 and ordered to pay £1,000 in compensation and £800 in prosecution costs.

At the hearing, Parkman was given a final written warning.

The panel, chaired by legally qualified chair Alexandra Robson, sat yesterday.

They found he had breached the standards of professional behaviour, in particular relating to conduct. 

He was described as a "model police officer" and he said he "deeply regretted" the offence.

His record had been previously flawless.