A doctor who has suffered “explosive” migraines for more than 20 years has found relief with Botox.

Former Moulsham High School student, Hannah Mustard, 34, has endured up to 16 migraines every month since the age of 14.

Dr Mustard, who works as a clinical psychologist in HIV and sexual health, said the chronic migraines were “ruining her life”.

Throughout her twenties having a social life was difficult, she had to limit drinking alcohol and coffee, and was often forced to let friends down at a moment’s notice.

She said: “What I did and when I did it was entirely dictated by the crushing pain - at times there was no let up, it felt like there was no escape.”

In July last year Dr Mustard visited her GP in another attempt to find a treatment ahead of a planned trip alone to South America.

During the consultation, the GP suggested Botox as a possible solution.

Dr Mustard said: “I had already tried almost every treatment out there including Beta Blockers and Triptans and although they helped, nothing would take away the anguish.

“I hadn’t for one minute expected that Botox would be the answer.”

Dr Mustard learned that Botox is available on the NHS to treat chronic migraines for patients who have been suffering on a very frequent basis for a long time.

With her trip just three months away and hospital waiting lists at an all-time high, it was very unlikely she would be treated by the NHS in time.

Desperate for an answer, she contacted The Chelmsford Private Day Surgery Hospital, in New London Road, and was seen within two weeks. Pain Consultant at The Chelmsford Dr Mark Alexander-Williams said:

“Botox has been used for several years to treat migraines and it has proven to be effective in many cases.

“Getting seen and treated quickly was very important to Hannah and I am very pleased that she has seen such a significant improvement in the frequency and intensity of the migraines.”

Since receiving her second Botox injection in December the migraines have reduced from eight to one per month.

She said: “The result has been life-changing."