A detective has been praised for saving a woman’s life on his way home from a late shift.

DC Dave Smith was on his way home from a late shift on January 7 when he spotted a dark figure kneeling on the floor on a bridge in Chelmsford.

He turned round to get a better view and saw that it was a woman looking down at the road below.

Concerned that she was about to harm herself, Dave parked up and walked over to her cautiously reassuring her that he was there to help.

She was highly distressed and Dave was mindful that the temperature was rapidly dropping. He continued to reassure her and after 15 minutes, he was able to get her to his car and take her home.

Dave had reported the incident to our Force Control Room while reassuring the woman and she was met at her house shortly after by uniformed officers who took her to get the help she needed.

Dc Dave Smith said: “I saw the woman kneeling on the pathway and it struck me as strange. I went back to check that she was ok and ended up talking to her for around 15 minutes.

"It was just the right thing to do. I’d like to think anyone else would offer to help in the same circumstances. Just saying hello can make all the difference.”