A NEW company aiming to help tackle the childhood obesity crisis by offering fitness classes to kids has been launched.

Area 515’s instructors will be offering sports and conditioning classes from ages five to 15 in the new year to make the kids “fitter and stronger than ever before and having fun along the way.”

Justin Powell, from Chelmsford, has been working in a bank in London for 20 years and decided to open the gym as a side project.

He said: “When we were growing up we were living outside, running, climbing, rolling, jumping constantly, throughout the day. This does not happen with our children.

“Add to this the increased fitness, physicality and commitment in today’s sports and I, as my peers do, believe our children’s bodies are not ‘built the way they should be’.

“Our vision is to improve fundamental movements, strength and physical literacy.”

Youth Strength & Conditioning, Speed and Agility Classes will commence from January 7 at Boswells School Gym, Burnham Road.

For more information go to www.area515.co.uk