The mother of a girl who suffers from cerebral palsy is attempting to raise £75,000 so her daughter can have groundbreaking surgery which will enable her to walk.

Natasha Dawson’s daughter, Isabella, who has recently turned two, has Spastic Diplegia which is a type of cerebral palsy.

As an identical twin, Natasha was able to notice that her daughter was struggling to walk by comparing her mobility with her sister, Scarlett.

After taking her to the hospital, Natasha discovered that her daughter had Spastic Diplegia which meant that she would be unable to use her legs without support – and she cannot move around freely on flat feet.

But Natasha noticed a surgery, which was pioneered by Dr Parks from St Louis’ Hospital in Missouri, which, if done successfully, will enable Isabella to walk.

Natasha, 24, from Chelmsford, said: “Without this surgery, she will never be able to walk.

“We really want Isabella to receive the treatment in America as she only gets one opportunity and we want her to receive it from the person who pioneered it.

“As the treatment is not on the NHS, it costs roughly the same than it does there.

“There are other families around the country who have fundraised for this treatment and within weeks their child was walking.

“It really is amazing.”

Isabella needs the surgery soon as the treatment is best performed on a child of two years old, so Natasha is looking to get her in for the surgery before spring next year.

A charity ball is being held to raise money for Isabella’s surgery at Channels Estate, near Broomfield Hospital on Friday, October 6. It is due to begin at 7pm.

There is also a just giving page that people can donate to: