Prince Harry has visited Chelmsford this morning to meet schoolchildren and take part in exciting nature activities.

The prince visited the Chatham Green Project, a conservation and education initiative at the Wilderness Foundation in Chatham Green.

His Royal Highness met with pupils from Felsted School and observed them taking part in a nature immersion programme.

The students carried out several activities including shelter building and fire lighting.

After constructing tents, they conducted water-proof tests by sitting in their tents while buckets of water were thrown over them.

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Prince Harry then took the time to sit with the students and talk with them about the importance of working together.

The Wilderness Foundation aims to educate over 3,000 pupils each year about protecting the countryside.

Graduates from the Wilderness Foundation's TurnAround programme, which targets 15 to 21-year-olds who struggle with family, social, and personal problems to overcome their challenges through outdoor adventures, will also get the opportunity to meet the Prince.

They will have the chance to share their stories on how the TurnAround programme has changed their lives.

Check back for the full story, pictures and video footage this afternoon.