IT’S already broken five box of - fice records and Disney’s new live action blockbuster, Beauty and the Beast, continues to enchant movie goers everywhere.

But the tale as old as time is also pretty magical for one young Essex newcomer, who landed himself a truly smashing part in the big-screen fairytale.

Nathan Mack beat hundreds of other young actors to secure the role of Chip in the film.

Chip is a young boy who has been turned into a talking teacup - with his trademark chip - while his mum, Mrs Potts, played by Oscar winner Emma Thompson, has been transformed into a teapot.

The 11-year-old was put forward for the audition by his teachers at the Chelmsford- based Stagecoach Talent Agency, where Nathan has been a student for four years.

“I never thought I would be in this film,” said Nathan, who lives in Dunmow, but I got the part through Stagecoach.

They put me forward for the audition.

“I was sent the lines and immediately started learning them. I also wanted to make sure that I made a good impression, just in case they were looking for a good personality as well as a good actor.”

Nathan added how the audition, although nerve-wracking, actually turned out to be an enjoyable experience.

He said: “They always try to make you feel comfortable before you audition, so we had a little conversation and they got me laughing.”

When Nathan’s mum told him he’d landed the part he was so overwhelmed he didn’t believe her.

But that was nothing compared to stepping onto a set with many of the Hollywood A-listers who star in the film, including Ewan McGregor, Sir Ian McKellen, Luke Evans and Emma Watson.

“Meeting and working with people who I never thought I would meet was what I loved best about the film,” said Nathan.

“I grew up watching Harry Potter films and I met Emma Watson, Emma Thomp - son, Ewan McGregor and many others.”

Tarquin Shaw-Young, managing director of the Stage Coach Talent Agency, which runs classes at the Columbus School and College, says he is proud of Nathan’s success: “It has been an amazing project to have worked on from his first audition, watching and nurtur - ing his journey from script to screen.”

Nathan’s own Stagecoach principal, Robert Jackson, added: “Nathan is an incredible example of the brilliant things that can be achieved through the arts.”

Nathan says his dream acting role one day would be Dr Who or James Bond.

As for tips for other young actors, Nathan says: “Try your best and if you don’t get an audition, don’t worry. You just might not be right for the role.

And enjoy what you’re doing.”