A COUPLE believes that the rumoured ‘beast of Broomfield’ could actually be their missing Bengal cat, Dougal.

The six-year-old cat, owned by Hannah Butcher, 33, and Darren Brown, 37, went missing from his home in Enderson Croft, in Broomfield on January 23.

Around the same time, rumours of a ‘beast of Broomfield’ began to circulate, with a national newspaper reporting that one woman was left ‘shaken’ after she spotted what she thought to be a wild big cat or lynx in her garden.

But Miss Butcher believes the ‘beast’ seen by the woman could be their cat Dougal, above, who is a large Bengal cat with spotted markings and no tail.

She said: “I can’t believe this story and how frightened people have been, it’s a bit bonkers.

“We think it could be Dougal, some people who have seen him have said he looks like a lynx because of his markings and no tail. But he’s just a big, friendly pussy cat."

Chelmsford Weekly News:

She added: “The whole thing is quite funny but there is a serious side to this, my cat is missing and we want him home.

"We only moved here from Upper Bridge Road six weeks ago so even wonder if he's trying to get back home. 

“In a way this is good as hopefully people will be looking for him. If anyone sees him we would be very grateful if they could get in touch with us.”

Chelmsford Weekly News:

Mr Brown, who has put hundreds posters and leaflets out in the streets, also asked Broomfield residents to check their garages and sheds in case the inquisitive cat had climbed inside.

Have you seen Dougal? Please call 07764490849.