A Chelmsford business woman has won two national awards. 

Charlotte Wibberley, founder and director of Blossom Executive Support based in Chelmsford won a Mumpreneur 100 award, which recognises the top 100 businesses run by Mums who are juggling small children and their own business.

A huge achievement for Charlotte, who is also a mum of two small children aged just nine months and two and who has a background in the city working across project management and events spanning over a decade.

If one wasn't enough, Charlotte and Blossom have also won VA of the Year in the South East region and is also now in the running for VA of the Year, England.

Speaking about her winning month Charlotte said: "What a month! I'm delighted to be recognised for what both I and the amazing team at Blossom have achieved.

"Being a mum I know how important time is and I carry this through into my VA business.

"I firmly believe it's this first hand knowledge of multitasking, time management and the delicate balance between home and working life that gives us a real human edge.

"We're all living it and know exactly how to ensure our clients achieve the perfect work-life balance freeing their time to get on and work on their business, rather than in it.

"After working in the city for over a decade I've been on both sides of the fence and this really gives us a well-rounded perspective on exactly what our clients need from us.

"Being awarded a Mumpreneur award is really important to me.

"It's always hard running a business whilst being a mum and this award really shows me and hopefully other working mums that it's all worth it.

"I'm delighted to be a Mumpreneur and to have the chance to show my children you can have it all.

"This was vital to me after having my first child.

"I didn't want the daily commute to London and to miss out on being at home so I started my business from scratch in 2013, just over two years later and we couldn't be happier to be recognized nationally for our achievements.”

"Our fingers are well and truly crossed for the national win after winning VA of the Year in the South East. We'll find out in November so watch this space."