As Mother's Day approaches a woman has spoken out about her journey to have a baby.

Nicola Gillett, of Chelmsford, was told she would never be able to have a baby when she was just 16.

Mrs Gillett has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which affects the production and release of eggs.

She said: “When my GP said I would never have a baby, it was almost as if a switch went off in my head and I showed no real interest in children.”

But everything changed when she met her husband-to-be Terry, who had always wanted children.

He said: “I wanted children but only with the right person and at the right time.

"I remember telling my Mum that Nicola was the one!”

The couple were given hope when Nicola unexpectedly became pregnant naturally.

Sadly she miscarried but this spurred them on to seek advice about their options.

For them this resulted in IVF treatment and the birth of their baby Sydney following the first attempt.

Baby Sydney was one of the first babies conceived at Bourn Hall Clinic, in Wickford, which is celebrating its second anniversary this year.

Angela Leach, a fertility nurse specialist at Bourn Hall, is urging couples to seek expert advice if they are struggling to conceive.

She will be one of the experts giving advice at a free Fertility Awareness Event in Southend on Saturday March 21, which includes mini-consultations.

Angela, who has recently joined Bourn Hall’s Wickford clinic says: “Some people are told that they will never have children at quite a young age; we feel it is important that anyone concerned about their fertility seeks further advice.

“Sometimes lifestyle changes can be sufficient to boost natural fertility.

"At the awareness event we have an opportunity for private consultations and this can be very helpful for couples who feel embarrassed about asking their GP questions or want more specialist information about their own situation.”

“It’s wonderful to be able to care for those seeking fertility treatment and help make their experience easier.

"We may not always be able to help everyone achieve their much longed-for baby, but in my role I can help patients anticipate their journey so that they have a balanced idea of what to expect, reassure them of any concerns they may have, and to feel, whatever the outcome, they had the best treatment possible.”

The event, which will be held at Park Inn, Southend-On-Sea, will start at 2pm and is free to attend but bookings must be made in advance via the Bourn Hall Clinic website or by calling Carrie Harding on 01268 661700.