A HEARTBROKEN tortoise has gone on hunger strike...after his brother went missing.

Two-year-old Kyle has not eaten in more than a week as he pines for Jack, three, who went missing from the family home in Tavistock Road, Springfield, a week ago.

The reptilian duo were separated after Jack decided to go walkabout.

Worried owner Mandy Micra-Marciano can’t find him anywhere. She is hoping someone has come across the Horsfield tortoise and is caring for him.

Mandy said: “I am really desperate for his return, he is only a baby and cannot survive without water for too long. He has been missing for more than a week now.

“My other tortoise, his brother, has refused to eat since Jack has disappeared, which is so sad. He’s pining for him. They cuddle up to each other at night and Kyle’s just lost without him.”

Jack has a small, faded pink nail-varnish patch on his shell and a distinctive wonky jaw, which sits to one side and juts forward.

He is hand-sized and will hiss when picked up, but Mandy says he is harmless.

If you have come across Jack, please get call the newsdesk on 01375 411503 and we will put you in touch with Mandy, so as we can reunite the tortoises.