A COURT has heard how a celebrity blogger had a “strange obsession” with former X Factor judge and N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos.

The singer, 25, stands accused of assault by beating of Savvas Morgan while backstage at last year's V Festival in Hylands Park on Sunday, August 18.

Her assistant Gareth Varey, is accused of threatening behaviour, which he denies.

Mr Morgan said he suffered swelling to the eye after the alleged incident.

Giving evidence today at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, the singer described the incident as nothing more than a "playground slanging match" which had been used as part of Mr Morgan's "vendetta" against her.

Ms Contostavlos, who claims she kept her hands behind her back during the confrontation, said Mr Morgan had attempted to follow her back to her Winnebago at the festival after she had watched a performance by Beyonce when she asked him to stop.

“There was a point that I swore," she added. "At the start I was trying to be calm but this approach did not seem to work with him as he got more heated."

Mr Morgan told District Judge Angus Hamilton that Ms Contostavlos raised her fists in the air and was swinging her arms.

He said: “Everyone was jumping around trying to get at me, there was a lot going on.”

Asked if one of her limbs made contact with his eye, he said: “Yes.” He said he was then led away by security.

The trial continues.