Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels says the people “inside the suits” are finally starting to get the credit they deserve.

Daniels, 73, said that film bosses originally wanted to “pretend” that C-3PO was a real robot.

He told BBC Breakfast: “These days, people are better at acknowledging who is doing voiceover, who is doing motion capture, or whatever.

“Back in the day, they tried to pretend that C-3PO was a real robot and
that was a little difficult to live with.

“Now it’s perfectly normal to say, ‘Basically I was puppeteering’.”

Daniels, who will be back in character in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, said he worried about being “locked” in his golden, droid suit when he first took on the role, after “realising that I couldn’t get out if anyone got abducted by aliens”.

“It would take half an hour to put back on, so they never wanted to take me out of it,” the British actor said.