When it comes to your CV you have very limited space and time to convey your what a great candidate you are. That’s why it’s so important to avoid these common errors and ensure a busy recruiter keeps reading. 


1. Get the basics right 

There’s nothing more eye rolling for a recruiter than seeing their name misspelt. It’s a failsafe way of ensuring a potential employer is annoyed with you from the get-go.


2. One size doesn’t fit all 

Firing out a standard CV to every application won’t get you anywhere. You need to read the job description and ensure your CV lays out why you’re the perfect candidate for this specific role.


3. Avoid jargon 

When talking about skills and experience don’t waste space on empty statements such as “being a blue-sky thinker” or having a “can-do attitude”. Focus on specific achievements in previous jobs.


4. No photos needed 

What is this, a dating app? There’s no good reason to include a photograph. It’s more likely to put off a potential employer as a badly taken shot can look amateurish. Alternatively, a cracker of a photo shows you take yourself far too seriously.


5. Keep it brief 

Your CV should fit on to two A4 pages. Use more of the space for your more recent roles. Slash the full references, salary details and reasons for leaving previous jobs and save them for the interview.


6. Check the format 

Now your CV is just bursting with wonderful information, make sure it can be sent and opened without a faff. Stick with Word or a PDF.