The secret’s out. A scientist at Brandeis University has worked out why hipsters all look the same.  

Using mathematical models, Jonathan Touboul discovered hipsters initially act randomly but synchronise if a trend appears. So, if a majority of men suddenly shave, hipsters grow beards. If a ‘beard tipping point’ is reached, hipsters switch back to shaving. We’re not sure if the same theory applies to female hipsters but one thing is certain, hipsters’ idea of heaven – girls and boys – is a well-stocked city.  

Brighton is the best example, having come out top in a global Hipster Index compiled by MoveHub. This was thanks to the concentration of amenities such as coffee shops, vegan eateries, vintage stores, record outlets and even tattoo studios. The study showed there are, in fact, 125 coffee shops for 100,000 Brighton residents. 

If hipsters love the UK’s coolest cities, the UK’s economy loves hipsters. This is because their vibe is boosting the national jobs market, with specialist sectors springing up across the country. 

In fact, recruitment websites are seeing a major increase in interest shown for jobs associated with cool culture. This is reflected in searches using words such as craft, artisan, vegan, yoga, independent, organic, beer and, of course, coffee. 

It could even be argued a new hipster service economy now exists, catering specifically to the refined tastes of millennials – and, yes, that includes lots of coffee! In fact, baristas are one of the most popular job choices for hipsters – and you don’t even have to sport a wispy beard or wear a vintage plaid blouse to get the gig. 

Flexibility is what’s key here, as a coffee shop’s evening and weekend working hours can mean variable shift patterns – thankfully, this suits the bohemian lifestyle.  

With baristas, waiting staff and managers dealing with customers, people and communication skills are just as important as creating the best coffee blends. 

Hipsters may be known as laidback, easygoing and independent but even the finest barista must also be a team player, liaising with colleagues to make the customer experience the best it can be.  

It’s not a huge leap from creating coffee to conjuring cocktails and that’s why bar work is also a major attraction. Bartending isn’t just about pouring pints and serving snacks: it’s also about creating a welcoming atmosphere and sharing conversation – so excellent communication skills are highly sought after here too.  

There are also opportunities for on-the-job learning. From barista training to sommelier schools, employers are willing to invest in talented and dedicated staff.  

Many of these learning opportunities are also transferable, particularly within hospitality.  

This is especially apt since England is at number seven and Wales at ten in the list of “Most Beautiful Country in the World 2019” just unveiled by Rough Guides. While visitors flock to the UK to enjoy the natural landscape, there is renewed focus on offering holiday highlights such as yoga retreats and spa weekends. 

And, who would have known? Hipsters make great yoga teachers – which explains why yoga was by far the most popular hipster job search term in the last six months of 2018. This is a route even for complete beginners. Schools across the UK offer yoga teacher training courses and instructor certification, with many novices soon shaping up for a brand-new career. 

It’s not just about helping others feel good on the inside. Many millennials are becoming make-up artists to allow clients to take pride in their appearance – every day or for special events such as weddings. And, taking body art one step further, some are even trying their hand as certified tattooists – one job that’s sure to make a lasting impression. 

It’s not an ‘all about me’ jobs culture. Despite being a sector that demands longer term commitment, social care is an area where hipsters excel thanks to their natural empathy, patience and, let’s face it, lasting impression of being ‘right-on’.  

This is why youth workers, in particular, can make a difference to youngsters struggling through a difficult period in their lives – as a cool hipster, you’re a great role model. Whether employed by a local authority, social services, the NHS or a voluntary organisation, your counselling skills and ability to source ways to help youngsters make informed decisions, will make a difference to lives.  

This world of work isn’t only for young people, however. Late career changers and even retirees are increasingly taking on roles normally linked to younger, more mobile applicants.  

Jobs such as being a dog walker or a pet groomer, a ride share driver or even a temporary house-sitter for holidaymakers all suit those looking for extra money for non-intensive, part-time work. 

And grandparents are proving they’re perfectly well equipped to fulfil these hipster roles just as well as any of the new kids on the block. 

If you’d like to get hip to this new jobs’ revolution, search now online for a wide range of vacancies where being cool is all part of the career journey.