COUNCIL officers have recommended plans to build a concrete plant in Chelmsford be refused.

Construction and building material firm Brett has submitted a planning application to Chelmsford Council looking to erect the site in the Rivermead Industrial Estate in Brook Street.

The proposal has been given a thumbs-down by residents and local councillors who fear for the damage it will do to the surroundings.

Now in a report for the council’s Planning Committee, officers from the authority have also rung a death knell for the plans.

The report, compiled by Matthew Perry, says: “The proposal would fail, in part, in providing any environmental improvement as identified by the objectives in the Town Centre Area Action Plan.

“It would also undermine the ability for the creation of a new built frontage to face Brook Street.

“The sample noise tests carried out are considered to be insufficient to make an informed judgement on the impacts of the proposed development.”

Jean Murray, Conservative councillor for Trinity ward, said the use of the site located so near to housing will disrupt the lives of people living there.

She said: “There is so many things against allowing all this to come into our lovely city.

“I have spoken to a number of residents who have expressed their concerns with the plans and the possible environmental damage it could do plus increased traffic problems which could come too.

“We are trying to improve things in the city, but if this application was allowed, then it would seem like we are moving back to square one.”

Mike Courts, director of planning at Brett, said fears people had over the plans are not as bad as they think.

Mr Courts said: “There are a number of reasons why people should not be worried.

“If you drive around the country, you’ll see loads of examples of plants like the one we are proposing operating in residential areas without any problems.

“Along with getting planning permission, we also need to get a licence from Environmental Health regulating the amount of pollution from the site, so we believe there is nothing to worry about.”