AN Albanian man who tried to cheat the immigration system to stay in the UK has been jailed.

Xhevdet Allaraj, 27, arrived in the UK illegally in July, 2002, and was caught out last year when he was arrested by Essex Police for driving while disqualified.

When he came to the UK he told the authorities his name was Xhevahir Allaraj, that he was 15 and that he had fled Kosovo after his mother was murdered because of the family’s ethnic origin as Roma gypsies.

He was independently assessed as a minor and was granted three years discretionary leave.

He submitted a further application for indefinite leave to remain in 2006, which was granted.

However, none of the information he provided was true.

He appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court last week for sentencing, having admitted, at an earlier hearing, obtaining leave to remain by deception.

He was jailed for 14 months and the UK Border Agency will also now work to deprive Allaraj of £3,920 in suspected illegal earnings.

Insp Andy Radcliffe, from the UK Border Agency’s criminal and financial investigations team, said: “Allaraj has been lying from the outset.

“He is now paying the price for his abhorrent actions, not only through the loss of his freedom, but also the potential loss of thousands of pounds of suspected illegal earnings.

“He also faces deportation and a ban from re-entering the UK for ten years.”

Allaraj’s lies were exposed when he was arrested by police for driving while disqualified.

His car was searched and officers found a student card in his name, alongside his genuine Albanian passport.

The information was passed to the UK Border Agency and he was arrested last May at an address in Avon Road, Chelmsford.