More than 200 students at The Boswells Schools were involved with this year’s school production, a modern twist on the traditional pantomime ‘Cinderella’.

A total of 90 students performed each night, through a mix of acting, singing, dancing, gymnastics and live music. All of which had been rehearsing since the beginning of December.

Chelmsford City Council Deputy Mayor Jon de Vries and Deputy Mayoress Maria de Vries watch and support the production on its opening night.

Mr de Vries said: “The quality of performance was as high as ever, not just from the main roles but also from the chorus, who put energy and passion in to every routine.”

Paul Butler, head of performing & creative arts at The Boswells School, said: “The cast, crew and staff worked really hard to bring this ambitious production together over the last 11 weeks and it has been a real team effort.”