A Chelmsford biker has been left furious after a train operator refused to acknowledge a rise in motorcycle theft from outside the city’s station.

Graham Smith, 54, from Chelmsford, has had two motorcycles stolen from outside Chelmsford station - the first was four years ago and most recently, in July this year.

Mr Smith submitted a freedom of information request to the British Transport police and discovered that between 2012 and 2015 an average of five motorbikes per year were stolen or damaged at Chelmsford Station. This increased to 11 in 2016 and to 20 during the first 10 months of 2017.

Mr Smith is campaigning for Greater Anglia to put up warning signs informing motorcyclists of the high number of incidents and providing contact information for those spotting anything suspicious.

He contacted Greater Anglia to ask about more motorcycle parking on the station site, but says he was told motorcycle parking was not a requirement of their franchise.

After further questioning, he says another spokesperson for Greater Anglia told him: “Although there is temporary motorcycle parking available in Mill Yard, the plan is to have this area removed once the council have started the Mill Yard Northern Access Improvement Scheme.”

Mr Smith said he was told by the British Transport Police that they are aware of who was involved in the latest theft but there was insufficient evidence to charge them due to the station’s CCTV being “useless”. He said: “They told me they now have to rely on the council’s CCTV around the city to see if they transport the bikes anywhere in sight.

“The local bike shop recently had one stolen and now they’ve invested in better security - near on 20 have been reported at the station and they’re doing nothing.”

After discussions with Greater Anglia, a spokesperson from Chelmsford City Council responded to Mr Smith’s concerns.

He said: “As the contract is being let by the city council, the council is making arrangements for temporary motorbike parking. If possible, they will be covered by CCTV.

“I am asking Essex County Council’s transport authority and Greater Anglia to agree a level of parking provision that meets transport planning and station business objectives.”

He also stated that there would be space for 50 bikes following the completion of the project.

Mr Smith is yet to receive further acknowledgement about his suggestion for signs to be placed outside the station highlighting the issue with vehicle theft in the area.

On Tuesday a Greater Anglia spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear that Mr Smith has had two motorcycles stolen.

“There is limited motorcycle parking at Chelmsford station which is available on a first come, first served basis. There are plans to improve CCTV at Chelmsford and we will continue to work closely with BTP to tackle crime on the rail network.”