A POLICE officer who put his own life at risk whilst saving a distressed woman from a ledge of a multi-storey car park, has been rewarded.

In March 2016, Pc Steven Hicks attended an incident following reports of a person threatening to jump from a multi-storey car park.

When arriving at the car park, Steven rushed to the top of the car park to find a woman on the ledge of the car park, threatening to jump off the edge.

He leapt from his position near the woman who was facing away from him, to pull her back from the ledge, putting his own life at risk in the process.

The woman, 27, Chelmsford, was distraught and required medical assistance from a mental health professional. She was later taken to hospital to receive the treatment she needed.

Pc Steven Hicks said: “This is my job, it’s what I do as a police officer and I’m just thankful that she was returned safe and is now receiving the help she needs.

"It’s great to receive a commendation for this as recognition from the Chief and the force for my actions.“

Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh, said: “Steve Hicks epitomises what it means to be an Essex Police Officer. At a time when he could have abided by the rules and waited for help, he put himself in danger to save the life of a young woman having a mental health crisis.

"I’m proud of Steve and all my officers who walk forward to help and save people when times are at their most difficult.”