THE new chairman at Chelmsford City FC has said the club will not be affected by the recent administration of exchairman Mansell Wallace’s business.

Trevor Smith was appointed to the role last week, two months after Mr Wallace stepped down. He had previously been commercial director at the club.

Mr Mansell’s company, Electrical Safety Consultants Ltd, based in Springfield Road, has been put into voluntary administration.

When asked if the situation would affect the club, Mr Smith said: “I can’t really comment on that as it’s Mansell’s own personal business and has nothing to do with the club.

“It shouldn’t affect the club at all though. Mansell did a tremendous job at this club.”

Mr Smith has supported the club “through the ups and the downs” since 1967, and says the club goes forward with an open and honest policy, addressing issues, such as its current debt, on and off the field.

He added: “We want to be transparent and open. If we’re in trouble, I will be the first to say that.

“My ethos is that it’s no good crying over spilt milk. Let’s work together.”