A DEATH trial heard on Tuesday how doctors could do nothing to save a man involved in a noisy neighbour row.

A court has heard how Ronald Mayne died a week after he was confronted by neighbour Garry Poore in a late night incident earlier this year.

Chelmsford Crown Court has heard how Poore "went nuts" and ended up arguing on Mr Mayne's doorstep over noise from his television.

Moments later, 68-year-old Mr Mayne was on the ground.

He died from a head injury a week later.

"There was pressure on the brain," consultant neurosurgeon Jonathan Benjamin told the jury.

"He would not survive because of this pressure on the brain," the doctor said.

He added: "This was discussed with the family and there was no active treatment and this led to his death."

The prosecution has alleged a punch or a push from Poore led to Mr Mayne falling backwards and hitting his head on the ground.

Poore, 75, from Stock Road, Billericay, denies a charge of manslaughter and told police after his arrest Mr Mayne had fallen during the row.

The trial heard both men lived next door to each other on the Templeton caravan park in Bakers Lane, West Hanningfield.

On the evening of February 26 this year, Mr Mayne was at home and Poore had been out with his family. Both men had been drinking.

Poore returned home and shortly after midnight, he called police to complain about noise coming from Mr Mayne's caravan.

Officers arrived and Mr Mayne agreed to turn his television down before they left.

But around an hour later, police got another call from Poore complaining about more noise and he was told police would go round there again.

Befoe they arrived, the jury has heard how Poore left his home armed with a hammer and went to Mr Mayne's caravan to confront him.

Afterwards, Poore returned to his caravan and called police and said an ambulance may be needed.

Mr Mayne meanwhile had managed to get back inside his caravan and was found in bed later on.

He was taken to the Basildon University but Mr Benjamin said Mr Mayne's condition worsened and a decision was taken to transfer him to Queen's Hospital in Romford.

Mr Benjamin said.

The trial has heard Poore was arrested and he told police he was "livid" at the noise coming from Mr Mayne's home and had "reached the end of my tether" and "done his nut."

*The trial continues.