POLICE have festival goers that legal highs and laughing gas will not be tolerated at this month’s V and Brownstock Festivals in Chelmsford.

Following the death of a man at Brownstock last year, caused by a legal high, Essex County Council, Trading Standards, Chelmsford Council have joined Essex Police in stepping up checks and patrols over the substances.

Anyone caught with legal highs or laughing gas will be ejected from the festival and their drugs will be confiscated by the police.

Chief Superintendent, Simon Williams said, “We would like to remind festival-goers that legal highs will not be tolerated. If anyone is found selling these products, they will be prosecuted.” Donna Martin, substance misuse trainer for the Drug and Alcohol Partnership, said: “Just because something says it is legal doesn’t mean it is safe.

“Good information, advice and education is key in order for communities of Essex to make healthy and informed choices.

“I strongly urge festival-goers this summer to take the advice that legal highs could at best ruin your festival experience and at worst be fatal to you or your friends.”

For more information on legal highs or to find support visit www.angelusfoundation.com and www.whynotfindout.org.