TWO Chelmsford councillors are loving volunteering – and making the most of the country’s top sporting events.

After both being Gamers Makers, who in their orange and purple outfits were the face of the London Olympics two years ago, Linda Mascot and Jude Deakin have got involved in this year’s major sporting events too.

Mrs Mascot was recently a Tour Maker on The Mall, in London, as riders of the Tour de France made their way to the finish line, and Mrs Deakin has just finished a stint in Glasgow helping out at the Commonwealth Games as a Clyde Sider.

She has been directing athletes and spectators from Queen Street station in the centre of the city.

Ms Deakin took a week’s holiday from work to take part, but said it was worth it.

She said: “It’s been great fun. You get to meet so many people from all sorts of places and it’s incredibly social.”

Of the volunteering, she said: “If you can persuade someone to volunteer once and they have a great experience and feel valued, they will come back, it’s almost addictive.”

Mrs Mascot was right in the middle of the action in London, helping riders as they crossed the finish line find their team coaches. She’s already signed up to get involved when the Rugby World Cup comes to England next year.

She said: “It’s so much fun, you meet so many people doing it. I was on site by 7.45am. It’s tiring, but I really enjoy it. It takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you on.

“I’d encourage anyone to do it. I was right in the thick of it directing the riders. They’re proper athletes and great role models for children.”