THE nation’s longest-serving children’s club leader has finally called it a day – after 29 years.

Pamela Stanley, 61, from Chelmsford, has worked at different Tumble Tots franchises around Essex, and spent her last day at the club at the Church of Our Saviour, Ashton Place, Chelmsford, on Monday, surrounded by pupils and parents and staff from her earlier days.

She was presented with gifts from staff and children, and was lavished with praise by those sad to see her go.

The club is run by franchise owners Ted and Rosemarie Herring, who’ve worked with Pamela for 27 years.

Speaking after the presentation, Pamela said: “I’ve spent nearly half of my life here really and seen a lot of children come and go, and it’s got to the point where children I looked after years ago are now bringing their children here.

"I’ve loved it all. The kids, and Rosemarie and Ted are great people to work for. We’ve been one big happy family. It’s been a brilliant job.

“The children didn’t really knowwhat was happening, but the parents have been very complimentary about my time here.”

Rosemarie heaped praise on Pamela. She said: “Pam has the distinction of being the longest-serving Tumble Tot leader in the country.

"She is such a lovely lady, she’s amazing with the children and parents and we are really going to miss her.”

She added past children returning with their own youngsters was testament to how good she was.

Pamela might be retiring, but said she’ll be back soon. She added: “I won’t be missing it though because I’ll be taking my granddaughter to the club in Brentwood for the next couple of years.”