A CELEBRITY blogger who was allegedly hit in the face by former N-Dubz star Tulisa has been accused of misleading the police after a photo after a photo said to be of his injuries was “lost”.

Savvas Morgan alleges he suffered swelling to his eye after an alleged incident involving the 25-year-old singer at the V Festival in Chelmsford last August.

But the singer has claimed she did not attack him and has been the victim of a vendetta, saying Mr Morgan had a "strange obsession" with her.

Ms Contostavlos denies an assault charge. Her assistant, Gareth Varey, 28, is accused of threatening behaviour, which he also denies.

Mr Morgan was confronted by her lawyer at Chelmsford Magistrates Court over a "lost" photograph showing his injuries, which Mr Morgan alleged earlier in the trial had been taken after the attack.

He was called back to the trial after it was adjourned in May by district judge Angus Hamilton, after witness Jonathan Shalit made a statement claiming that Royston Legore, who Mr Morgan says took the picture, told him in a phone call that it never existed.

Mr Morgan told the court that a picture showing the swollen eye he claims he was given by Ms Contostavlos had existed, but had been deleted by Legore, who told him he feared for his future in the music industry if he went against singer.

Her barrister, Jeremy Dein QC, asked Mr Morgan: "You have misled police throughout regarding the existence of a photo showing injuries to you, haven't you? That is why Mr Legore has not come forward, because there never was a photograph?"

Mr Morgan denied the claim, replying: "I don't need to mislead the police about a picture. If there was no photo, I would have said.”

Ms Contostavlos had previously told the court that Mr Morgan conducted a "vendetta" against her since an incident in which she asked security to remove him from a VIP area at the Whisky Mist nightclub in London's Mayfair.

In his closing speech, prosecutor Matthew McNiff said Ms Contostavlos was a "good actress" and several witnesses had testified against her.

He said: "We say that she wanted to deal with Mr Morgan. It was personal, very personal. She may regret it but that is something different."

Ms Contostavlos will face a fifth day in court and a wait of three weeks to find out her fate after the judge adjourned the hearing.

A verdict will be handed down on Friday, July 25, at Stratford Magistrates' Court.