IT’S almost time for the world’s eyes to turn to Chelmsford.

Cycle fever is about to hit the city and its surrounding areas with a weekend of activities planned ahead of the arrival of the Tour de France on Monday.

The race will pass through 13- miles of Chelmsford, from Felstead Road to Roxwell, on Monday.

Before that, activities are being held at Melbourne Park and Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre on Saturday, including supervised bike rides, trials and jumps, maintenance, safety training, learn to ride sessions, coaching and racing.

People can take their own bikes and helmets, but for those without, there are some available to borrow.

Other sports will also take place including athletics, baseball, yachting, martial arts, cricket, archery and football.

Chelmer Cycling Club will provide training and experience courses, mountain biking and racing, as well as setting up a static bike, linked to a clock which shows people how fast they are cycling.

Club member Chris Whiley said the club was looking forward to cycling some of the route on the Big Ride, starting from Memorial Hall, Roxwell, at 2pm.

He said: “On Sunday, we hope to be involved in the event on the course, doing a 25-mile lap and, on the day, we hope to get members cheering the Tour as it passes.”

Those unable to get a glimpse of the action in person on Monday can watch it live on a screen from Admirals Park, between 10.30am and 4.30pm, while enjoying live music, refreshments, cycling and other sporting activities.

For the full route through the city, visit