AN MP has thrown his weight behind a residents group campaigning for speed restrictions on their roads.

Simon Burns, Tory MP for Chelsmford, has backed the campaign from the Admirals Park Residents Association who want to want to see Park Avenue and Swiss Avenue in the city downgraded from 30 to 20mph roads.

They are concerned that the streets, which often have cars parked on either side effectively making it a single lane, and the speed of some of the cars that go down the road, will lead to a fatal accident.

The group formed last year to give their community a voice and have their say on local issues.

Mr Burns has written a letter to the Highways Authority supporting the resident’s calls.

He said: “The roads in question are busy and used as a shortcut. The area in question is used by children, families, cyclists and the elderly.

“Cyclists are worried about the volume of traffic and have started to use the pavements which are causing congestion and increase the risk of accidents.

“The local community has put forward a strong and well supported case for the lowering of the speed limit and I hope that careful consideration will be given to the request which they are making.”