A YOUNG girl told how thieves stole the trampoline she had saved so hard for.

Courtney Arnold, nine, got together more than £200 of Christmas, birthday and Easter money to buy it.

It was taken from the garden of her family’s home, in St Nazaire Road, Chemsford, on the evening of Thursday, June 12.

Cathedral School pupil Courtney said: “I played on it lots and I’m very sad. It went missing while I was asleep and when my mum and dad told me, I didn’t believe them! But I was very upset and I cried.”

Her mum Thelma said: “Courtney is so upset. She had saved her money that she’d got from family in Ipswich and Ireland, and used this to pay for the trampoline.”

Crooks sneaked the large trampoline with green matressing around the edge, which even had an 8ft safety net around it, out of the garden.

Courtney said: “Please look out for it. Let us know if you see it. I’m not going to stop looking for it.”

If you have seen a trampoline similar to Courtney’s in the area that you suspect to have been stolen, give us a call on 01375 411501 and we will put you in touch with Courtney’s mum.