RESIDENTS are demanding prompt action over dodgy pavements after getting “fed up” reporting them to County Hall.

People on the Beachenlea and Westland Estates, Chelmsford, have said, despite numerous visits from highways and Essex County Council, and sending photographic evidence, nothing is being done.

Residents of Nabbott Road even signed a petition, but councillor Rodney Bass, in charge of highways, wouldn’t accept it.

Mavis Ring, secretary of the Waterhouse Farm Residents Association, said it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt.

She said: “People have been complaining since before I can remember now. I’ve walked round the estates with someone from highways and they agreed with me they were a disgrace.

“There are a number of elderly residents – some are in wheelchairs – it’s a concern. And with there being no street lights now at night, it’s doubly dangerous.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said they were aware of the poor conditions in Nabbott Road and repairs were penned in for this year.

County Hall has also invited the residents to pass their petition to their county councillor, Lib Dem Jude Deakin, to be handed to Mr Bass.

The spokesman said: “Essex County Council never refuses to accept a petition.”