CALLS have been made to reintroduce a crossing patrol at a Chelmsford school after a dramatic U-turn from County Hall.

Newlands Spring Primary School Academy, in Dickens Place, lost its lollipop lady in March after a survey deemed one wasn’t necessary for the amount of people who use the crossing in Copperfield Road.

Last week, Essex County Council axed plans to ditch more than 50 patrols following pressure from schools and parents, and now staff at Newlands want their patrol back.

A traffic survey earlier this year measured the amount of people who use the crossing against the number of cars using the road, and deemed the number was not high enough to maintain a crossing patrol.

County councillor Stephen Robinson set up a petition against the axed patrol when the announcement was made earlier this year. He wants a similar survey taken again, but to include the speed of vehicles.

He said: “The road is very busy and very fast. It’s one of the fastest roads without a lollipop patrol.

“Surely more cars and more people means the need for a lollipop? Especially when you’re talking about children as young as four.”

Headteacher Susannah Edom-Baker said the school, which has 408 pupils, would welcome the return of its crossing patrol and was aghast as to why it was taken away in the first place.

She said: “The county council has a responsibility to the safety of children in its authority. It’s a question of priorities in terms of expense. If they don’t consider children’s safety a priority that is very disappointing.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council has said it has no intention of reintroducing the crossing patrol.

He said: “The assessment data including the speed data was communicated to the school outlining that the site fails to meet national criteria.

In line with this assessment and data we would not reinstate the school crossing patrol at this site.”