BOSSES at Chelmsford Council have slammed major housing plans from a neighbouring authority - saying it will cause a traffic nightmare.

Planning officers have criticised Maldon Council’s local development plan which is looking to build 1,375 homes in south Maldon and 1,235 in north Heybridge.

They say proposals fail to “fully recognise and adequately mitigate the potential highway impacts of their planned growth on the residents of Danbury and Little Baddow”.

The focus of their concerns revolve around Eves Corner on the A414 in Danbury.

Queues near the double roundabout junction are expected to be three times as long by 2026, if the homes in Maldon and Heybridge are built.

A Chelmsford Council spokesman said: “This would have significant adverse impacts for residents and businesses using this junction.

“It would also result in a loss of amenity for existing residents surrounding the junction due to increased noise, congestion, vibration and air quality impacts from queuing traffic at peak periods.

“It could also increase capacity issue at the Well Lane mini roundabout and other rat-running routes through Danbury and Little Baddow.”

In response, Maldon Council chiefs said they are lining up improvements worth £120,000 for Eves Corner along with developing a new relief road north of the A414 at Wycke Hill.

A spokesman for the council said: “Planning consent for the development of sites within the garden suburb areas will only be granted by the council if the proposals are in accordance with the respective masterplans being produced.”

The LDP has been approved to go to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles for a public examination by a planning inspector.

This could begin in July.