JAILBIRDS broke out of Chelmsford Prison as part of a charity event - with one group’s run to the sun clocking up over 1,800 miles!

The 35th Essex Jailbreak took place on Saturday with 32 people in eight teams legging it from the prison on Springfield Road after being set off by ex-Bad Girls actress Vicky Alcock.

Starting at 9am, each team had to run as far away from the jail in 15 hours and where not allowed to spend any cash on their escape routes.

A grand total of £4,500 was fundraised which is split between organisers Essex Boys And Girls Clubs and a charities of the participants choice.

Winning this year were the Chelmsford-based beauty pageant girls Dream Queens who flew from Southend Airport to sunny Tenerife, 1,848 miles away from the prison.

This comfortably beat the reigning champions Southend Prisoners, from Southend YMCA, who travelled 588 miles to reach the Italian capital Rome.

Hannah Nicholls, leader of Dream Queens, said: “We really enjoy ourselves, although we only got to sunbath for an hour before we had to go home on Sunday.

“It was pretty hilarious first of all being at the prison to see all the teams running off and it was an adventure being part of it.

“We’ll certainly be returning next year.”

With planning already under way for the 2015 edition of the jailbreak, organisers at the Essex Boys and Girls Club, in Rectory Lane, Chelmsford, said they were proud of this years race.

Event organiser Juliet Townsend said: “We followed the teams all day via social media and witnessed them create an amazing story of adventures.

“We’re so grateful to everyone who got involved and made the day special.

“The event really sums up what we as a charity are about, the spirit of adventure for the good of the community.”

The provisional date for 2015’s jailbreak is Saturday April 18 and for more information visit www.essexboysandgirlsclubs.org.