UKIP councillors staged a protest outside Essex County Council’s home in Chelmsford...over the flying of the EU’s flag.

Nine councillors were joined by party supporters as they stood outside County Hall in Market Road while auditors from Brussels visited the council.

The trip had been arranged so the auditors could look over the Maxi Green Project which is run by the county council and part funded by the EU.

Kerry Smith, councillor for Basildon Westley Heights, organised the protest as he and the party felt the bureaucrats from Brussels are hypocrites.

Mr Smith: “Essex County Council keeps a fully audited set of accounts, in contrast to the EU, which has not had its accounts properly approved by its own auditors for 19 consecutive years.

“Therefore, we strongly object to the EU having its flag flown outside of County Hall.

“In view of the way that the EU is bleeding this nation white, at a rate of £55 million per day, much of which is misappropriated, it would be much more appropriate to fly the Jolly Roger to commemorate the visit of these auditors.”

Council chairman Kay Twitchen defended the raising of the EU flag outside County Hall.

Mrs Twitchen said: “It was my decision to fly the EU flag at County Hall as this was an important visit by the EU Auditors to inspect a project supported by EU funding.

“I also believe that it is a matter of courtesy that the flag is flown much in the same way that the Commonwealth flag was flown recently.”