YOBS almost killed a pet cat in Chelmsford after shooting him.

Three-year-old moggie Simba was rushed into the Springlodge Veterinary Hospital by his owner after being shot in the neck.

After examinations were done by vets, it was discovered the injury had been caused by the pellet shot from an air gun.

Surgery was successfully carried out on the cat who lives at a home in Swiss Avenue, Chelmsford.

Ian Wooding from the hospital, said: “I thought it was in an unusual place for a cat fight wound but I was unsure how else Simba could have obtained such a deep injury in this area.

“This was until one of our nurses stroked Simba and found a lump under the skin just behind his left ear.

“I knew what this was straight away, it felt like an airgun pellet, then everything made sense.”

Fellow vet James Sutton, who performed the surgery, added: “Simba is lucky to be alive.

“It was unbelievable how this pellet entered where is did and didn't damage any vital structures.”