A MYSTERY TV star will be setting fundraisers off on Saturday as they try to leg it from Chelmsford Prison.

The 35th Essex Jailbreak takes place on April 26 with teams given 15 hours to run away from the building in Springfield Road in aid of charity.

Entrants must not spend any money in their escape and the group who travel the furthest distance winning a prize.

As part of the festivities this year, a star from TV will be given the honour of setting off the would-be jailbirds on their journey which begins behind the main gate of the prison.

Organisers of the event from the Essex Boys and Girls Club are currently remaining tight lipped about the identity of the celebrity.

They went onto say the event is always fun to watch as the teams progress thought the day.

Juliet Townsend, head organiser, said: “The Jailbreak is a fun event that we have run for many years and it is always open to everyone.

“Planning ahead gives you the time to find sponsors, blag freebies, choose your charity and raise plenty of donations.”

Money raised by the teams will be split 50/50 between the Boys and Girls Club and another charity of their choice.

Anyone wishing to enter still can do so by visiting www.essexboysandgirlsclubs.org.