A SHORT film has been made highlighting homelessness in Chelmsford and what help is being provided.

Robby West who co-runs the Reality Swipe blog produced Homeless in Middle England.

The documentary which is 13-and-a-half minutes long looks at the reasons why there are rough sleepers on the streets and what services are available to them.

The 27-year-old film-maker who lives in Lady Lane, Chelmsford, said he decided to go ahead with the production after spotting the homeless problem himself.

“When I moved to Chelmsford six months ago I noticed the amount of homeless in the city,” he said.

“That’s where the interest and the idea of the short film came from.”

In the film, stories are heard from homeless people like a man called Bobby who is struggling to get his life back on track.

Also featured is the work done by local charity Chess who provide a night shelter and meals for rough sleepers.

The story of Lorna, a young homeless person who with the help of the charity (Chess) turns her life around by finding a home and starting studying again.

Mr West: “It was through researching the idea that I found out about the work done by Chess so then I decided to highlight them as well.

“In the film I’ve looked at the personal element behind being homeless as it is about people and their situations which lead to homelessness.”

Rob Saggs, operations manager at Chess, said he liked the film as it shows the help charities like there’s provide along with the difficulties they face.

Mr Saggs said: “For organisations like us we try to work with people who want to be worked with and help them move on with their life.

“But something we have to deal with which is highlighted in the video is that some people don’t want to be helped although we’ll still try helping.”

To watch the documentary, visit www.realityswipe.wordpress.com.