A YOUNG woman is making such a success of her comic book business that she has moved to a bigger and better premises - just four months after opening.

Holly Ringsell, 22, opened Dark Side Comics in October and has now moved out of her current shop in Viaduct Road and into a larger store a few doors away.

The new home features more shop space and an upstairs.

Miss Ringsell said: “It has obviously been a bit stressful getting everything ready, but at the same it has been very fun.

“I always knew we would be popular because of the amount of comic book and sci-fi fans locally, but the reaction we have had since we opened has been fantastic.

“It is good to know people are still interested in comics and our success along with the move shows it is a legitmate artform.”

She added the extra space will open up the possibility of doing more special events while stocking different types of products.

She said: “We did a few events and themed days at our old shop.

“But part of the plan with this expansion is to give us the space do more board game stuff like Dungeon and Dragons, whether it be game days or just selling them.”

Today a celebration party will be held at the new store starting at 10am with artist Ryan Jenkyns doing drawings during the day.