CALLS have been made to review a budget supermarket’s plans at the Army and Navy Roundabout.

Aldi want a new store, opposite the roundabout in central Chelmsford which is a notorious traffic jam hotspot.

Concerns have been raised over traffic issues.

Lib Dem councillor Mark Springett is among those who want to the council to look again at the plans.

Mr Springett said: “The Army and Navy is a central transport hub for the whole city.

“These plans could have ramifications for traffic all around Chelmsford and looking at the consultation which has been carried out, it does not seem like enough has been done.

“I have not got a problem with a new supermarket coming, but I think the plans do need to be considered as it has potential to cause future traffic nightmares.”

Currently the roundabout is undergoing work worth £1.6million to build an extra lane towards the neighbouring Odeon Roundabout to help ease congestion.

Work, costing £2million, is also set to start in October to extend the slip road at the roundabout linking Parkway and Chelmer Road.

Both projects are set to finish in March 2015.

Bosses from Aldi said a lot of consideration has gone into traffic elements of their plans.

A spokeswoman said: “We are currently progressing discussions with the local authority in relation to the development site.

“This includes aiding the future proposed improvements to the Army and Navy roundabout as well as improving the existing access into the site and the roundabout junction.”