CRASS red tape is holding up next year’s budget plans according to Chelmsford Council’s financial leader.

The authority are due to confirm their plans for 2014/15 on February 26 but have been left in a state of limbo.

This is because the Government had not said what figure for council tax rises would force a consultation to be held.

On Wednesday, it was finally announced the figure for consultation would be two per cent.

An average £3.39 rise for Band D properties has been earmarked for Chelmsford as the proposed cut in council tax grant money from Westminster will be £1.1million less than last year.

However, councillor responsible for finance John Galley said they are still not able to confirm this.

The Conservative said this lack of information from Government has made budget planning difficult.

Mr Galley said: “It’s been extremely frustrating because we also want to start looking at next year’s budget.

“But we cannot confirm anything as this crass red tape holding us up and this is the longest we have ever had to wait for the coalition to tell us what the consultation figure is.

“We are having to consider all sorts of different scenarios and it is frustrating as I feel like I’m not being allowed to do my job properly.”