A FAMILY are rejoicing after their beloved pet cat Frank came home two months after going missing - thanks to the help of the Weekly News.

The two-year-old short haired black and white cat disappeared shortly after the Harpers moved to Wallasea Gardens, Springfield, just before Christmas.

This left them distraught and prompted a massive appeal through posters around the city, a £100 reward and social media messages to find the much-loved feline.

The search was featured in the Weekly News.

After weeks of reported sightings, an emotion erupted on Friday when they were told Frank had been taken in by a couple living in Hill Road, Springfield.

Sharon Harper said: “Someone messaged me on Facebook with a picture of what they thought was Frank and I could tell straight away it was him.

“Within half-an-hour I was round there and when I saw Frank I just burst into tears as I was so happy to see him. It was an unbelievable feeling.

“It is lovely to have him back and when my three-year-old daughter Talia and Frank were together again it was like they were never apart.”

Mrs Harper said the family’s pet would need to make a visit to the vets after picking up an injury on one of his paws but other than this he is fine.

She also hatched a cunning plan to make sure Frank did not do another runner over the weekend.

“I’m so paranoid about Frank running away again,” Mrs Harper explained.

“When I went out over the weekend I locked him in the bathroom and locked all the cat flaps!”