A PROUD mum has heaped praise on staff at Broomfield Hospital’s early pregnancy ward who saved her baby girl’s life.

Ali Rolfe, 29, of Crocus Way, Springfield, now wants the department to recieve a national excellence award for their amazing work.

Ali was helped through her traumatic pregnancy last March when she eventually gave birth to her first child, Indie.

Having conceived through IVF, due to polycystic ovaries, she soon developed hyperstimulation which caused her stomach to balloon.

She also suffered appendicitis during her pregnancy which caused complications.

During both episodes she was cared for in the early pregnancy unit with staff there were fantastic.

She said: “Being pregnant with my first child and feeling as though we were constantly close to losing her was terrifying, but the staff in the unit were amazing.

“Constantly reassuring, they were never too busy to answer any question, allay any fear or just say a kind word or two no matter what time of day.

“Indie survived my appendix operation and she is the strongest baby I know as she constantly surprises us with her early development.”

Ali has put the ward forward for the Hologic Miracle Workers gong at the prestigious Tommy Awards - an annual ceremony celebrating individuals and organisations who help families in the UK.

Hospital staff were delighted with the nomination.

Anita Coppisetty, lead for Early Pregnancy Unit and Acute Gynaecology, said: “ My team will ensure we keep up the good work and look to improve our service for all our patients and ensure the care and safety of patients is also maintained at all times.”

The award winner will be announced at a ceremony in north west London’s Landmark Hotel on March 21.