POPCORN was once confined to cinema kiosks.

But more recently the simple snack has popped up in deli counters and gourmet restaurants in a spectrum of new flavours thanks to one Chelmsford entrepreneur.

Greg Taylor, 34, of Waterhouse Street, is the self style popcornoisseur behind Retrocorn.

His handmade products appearing in theatres, coffee shops and street markets across Essex.

Rather than sweet or salted, Greg has come up with flavours like lemon sherbert and cola cube which are just 145 calories per serving, gluten free and vegetarian.

Currently in development with Southend-based Rossi’s for a popcorn/ice cream hybrid, Greg believes he has a unique product and hopes to expand it even further.

He said: “I can’t find our flavours or what we are trying to do anywhere else and I’ve looked pretty hard online and in America.

“I came up with the name and branding and now it’s about getting the product and brand out there.

“I have sent samples to Cineworld and UCI and I’m just waiting to hear back.”

Greg started Retrocorn in November last year after a career in hospitality and catering management.

It was during his last job managing hospitality at Stratford’s Aspers Casino during the 2012 Olympics where his popcorn business idea first appeared.

“I was speaking to a manager from Westfields who was planning a sideline selling ravioli to city workers and it got me thinking,” says Greg.

“I started doing some research and then was offered a stand at St Paul’s market selling popcorn.

“There was no point just selling toffee flavour as that’s been done, so I asked my friends what they thought about Cola Cube flavoured popcorn and they all liked the idea.

“It progressed from there.”

For more information visit www.retrocorn.co.uk and follow Greg on twitter @GregRetrocorn.