FACIALLY hirsute men from across the UK will soon descend on Chelmsford.

The British Beard Club are coming to the Queen’s Head pub in Lower Anchor Street on Saturday,February 15 to commemorate their fifth anniversary.

Men sporting a wide array of facial hair styles from simple moustaches to knee-length goatees are set to come from far and wide for the party.

It will be hosted by the Essex Beardsmen thatch, their name for a local branch, with members chatting about beard culture over a pint or two.

Alongside this, the group will also be on hand to give tips to anyone thinking of putting down their razor and growing a bristly bush on their face.

Founding member Frazer Coppin said having a beard is great fun and should be done by more men.

Mr Coppin, 54, who lives in Wivenhoe, said: “Women talk about make up and their hair all the time so there is absolutely no reason why men should not be talking about their beards.

“There has been a noticeable fashion change of late with events like Movember and famous guys like Jeremy Paxman growing beards.

“We are encouraging young people to grow beards because facial hair is free, it can change how you look and no-one can force you to shave it off, it is your choice.”

The fun will begin at noon with the club’s AGM being held first before the socialising takes off.

For more information about the event and the group, visit www.thebritishbeardclub.com or visit their Facebook page.