LETTING fluff build up in your tumble dryer could start a deadly house fire, Essex Fire chiefs have warned.

It says the devices, as well as washing machines and dishwashers, could pose a risk to life if they’re not in full working order.

Ten per cent of all house fires have started due to a faulty kitchen appliance in the last year including five this month with two in Chelmsford.

On Thursday, January 9, a spin dryer fire at a home in Damases Lane, Boreham, had to be extinguished before a day later another incident sparked off in Cassino Road, Melbourne.

Sub officer Andre Turner, Home Fire Safety, added: “A build-up of fluff and lint inside the machine is a major fire risk.

“Machines should not be overloaded with clothes and the manufacturers’ instructions for use, including the maintenance, should be followed at all times.

“Only use these appliances when you are home and never leave them to run overnight.”