BED blocking and cancelled operations have caused problems at Broomfield Hospital.

Latest figures, for an eight week period showed a total of 970 beds blocked at the hospital - just over 200 more than the UK average.

A blocked bed refers to a delay in getting a patient home, usually because doctors are unsatisfied with ongoing care options available to them.

The stats also showed how 96 operations were cancelled over the same period - more than double the national average.

Chelmsford’s Tory MP Simon Burns was not impressed.

He said: “Delayed discharges from any hospital are unfair on any patients and an utter waste of money.

“Given the high level of beds being used to delayed discharges, as a matter of urgency, Broomfield Hospital must work with Essex Social Services to ensure that patients leave hospital and are provided the appropriate care they need as quickly as possible.

“This will ensure that money is not wasted with people remaining in hospital when there is no clinical need for them to be there.”

Hospital bosses said despite being well above the national average, operations cancelled has decreased compared to the same time last year by 21.3 per cent.

They also stated the trust has worked closely with commissioners, primary care, social care and community service providers to ensure discharge delays are reduced.

However, they added more is being done to further cut the delays.

A spokesman said: “In regards to cancelled operations, we are determined to improve.

“Theatre flow, to reduce the risk of cancellations, and patient experience are priority areas.

“As for blocked beds, we have established an integrated single discharge team to support patients who require more complex support arrangements.”