RESIDENTS will get the chance to decide what new City of Chelmsford sign boards will look like.

Chelmsford Council leader Roy Whitehead has confirmed signs mentioning the city status, granted in 2012, are set to replace existing road signs in the near future.

These signs will feature images of Chelmsford landmarks on them.

To help decide what images to use, Mr Whitehead said a competition will be set up giving people to have a say.

Mr Whitehead said: “We have waited a little while to get the signs as if we put them up too quickly then people would have said we were spending all our money on becoming a city, so we decided to wait for it all to calm down a bit.

“To help us decide how these signs will look, we are going to run a competition to let the public pick what images are used.”

A petition had been set up by Anglia Ruskin professor Jamie Hacker Hughes calling on City of Chelmsford signs to be installed.

Prof Hacker Hughes said: “I'm really delighted that after nearly two years Chelmsford's city status is finally being recognised.

“We can be duly proud of being a city, and let all our visitors know too.”