YOUNG actors are celebrating their theatre school’s tenth birthday by performing a play which involves a unique stage setting.

Pupils from Tomorrow’s Talent are in rehearsals for a black comedy called Heritage they will perform at the Cramphorn Theatre on February 23.

The play is being supported by the National Theatre Connections scheme which promotes plays featuring young stars and marks the start of the Danbury-based school’s tenth anniversary.

In a difference to normal plays, Heritage will have what is known as a Promenade setting allowing the audience to stand and move around all four sides of the stage.

Principal Gavin Wilkinson said: “Our students will experience the challenges of performing the play with a standing audience surrounding them on four sides who are also able to move about within the auditorium.

“It's the first time that this type of promenade staging has been seen at the Cramphorn Theatre and is a very exciting production with which to start our tenth anniversary celebrations.”

Cast members said rehearsals so far have been great and they are looking forward to performing.

Jessica Moore, 18, a student of Great Baddow High School, said: “Already in the rehearsal process, there have been ideas that cast members have come up with that I never thought of when I first read the play, but that's the beauty of getting to work on a brand new play.

“I hope this will help me to gain more experience and understanding of what it's like to be a professional actor and will prepare me for my future as this is what I want to do as a career.”

To book tickets for the show, call the theatre’s box office on 01245 606505 or visit